Web-based Video Annotation and its Applications

Graduate School of Information Science, Nagoya University
Katashi NAGAO
Center for Information Media Studies, Nagoya University


In this paper, we developed a Web-based video annotation system, named iVAS (intelligent Video Annotation Server).Audiences can associate any video content on the Internet with annotations.The system analyzes video content in order to acquire cut/shot information and color histograms.And it also automatically generates a Web page for editing annotations.Then, audiences can create annotation data by two methods.The first one helps the users to create text data such as person/object names, scene descriptions, and comments interactively.The second method facilitates the users associating any video fragments with their subjective impression by just clicking a mouse button.The generated annotation data are accumulated and managed by an XML database connected with iVAS.We also developed some application systems based on annotations such as video retrieval, video simplification, and video-content-based community support.One of the major advantages of our approach is easy integration of hand-coded and automatically-generated (such as color histograms and cut/shot information) annotations.Additionally, since our annotation system is open for public, we must consider some reliability or correctness of annotation data.We also developed an automatic evaluation method of annotation reliability using the users' feedback.In the future, these fundamental technologies will contribute to the formation of new communities centered around video content.