I was born August 12, 1978, and have lived in Nagoya for twenty three years. Last March I graduated from Nagoya University, and now I'm a graduate student of the same university. I major in information engineering. I belong Track and Field Club, and I'm a sprinter. I go to school by motor cycle. I ride YAMAHA SR400. I like its crisp exhaust sound and antiquated form. But the primary reason why I ride the bike is that YAMAHA SR was developed in 1978, and in the same year I was born. Sometimes I go to school on foot. It's about an hour walk. Though walking makes me a little tired, it is not only exercise but also refreshment. So I like it.


Educational Background

  • 1994~1997 Chigusa High School
  • 1997~1998 Sundai Cram School
  • 1998~2002 Undergraduate at Dept. of Information Engineering, Nagoya University
  • 2002~2004 Master Course at Dept. of Information Engineering, Nagoya University