Welcome to Nagao Laboratory

Create the Future by Intelligent Systems that Support Human Lives

Main research themes of Nagao Laboratory are intelligent systems that support human lives by technologies of natural language processing and robotics, digital content technologies such as information retrieval and document summarization by using metadata of contents, and real world information technologies including support systems of real world human activities such as face-to-face meetings.

Introduction to Nagao Laboratory

Personal Intelligent Vehicle Project

This project aims to contribute a barrier-free city environment by providing a platform of tightly integrating physical environments with information spaces based on personal intelligent vehicles, autonomous mobile robots and a digital network connecting them. The vehicles are called AT (Attentive Townvehicles) and are capable of automatic transportation toward the specified destinations, automatic obstacle collision avoidance and cooperation among vehicles.

Project description

Discussion Mining Project

This project aims at the automatic creation of semantically-structured discussion contents of face-to-face meetings that include audio-visual data, presentation materials and text minutes. We have been studying knowledge discovery from the accumulated discussion contents.

Project description

Discussion Content Browsing System

Content Annotation Project

This project has been researching content annotation that covers creation and application of metadata of Web contents including multimedia data. The applications of metadata such as content retrieval, summarization and reuse have also been investigated.

Project description

Online Video Annotation System