BookSpider: Integration of Search for Book Information in the Information Space and the Physical Space

Norihiko KATO
Dept. of Information Engineering,School of Engineering, Nagoya University
Katashi NAGAO
Center for Information Media Studies, Nagoya University

1 Introduction

It may be common to search a collection-of-books database with books reference by the keyword etc., and not only the reference by the word but the reference by natural language may be possible. [1] [2] . by explanation of books, such as whether the book is in the room now, an author, and table-of-contents information, and the case, it is in the reference result where of the room -- that information may also be included However, it is thought unclear only for the information in which position of which shelf a book is actually. Moreover, since the book is carried out in fact even if the result other users of whose are books reference shows that a book is in a building when a certain user is going to return a book immediately and has carried it out temporarily, a book cannot be used. And it cannot know that the book will be carried out at the time. In this research, it told the user clearly where [ of a bookshelf ] the purpose books would be, or the system also with consideration to action of a man was devised like automatic detection of a carrying-out situation it not only displays the reference result information on a book, but, and the trial production and the experiment were conducted.

2 BookSpider

A system called BookSpider was created as mounting of an above-mentioned function. the electromagnetism which used RF-ID technology (Radio Frequency Identification) for all books in this system -- it can know which book is in which place of a shelf now by having attached the guidance formula tag (it being hereafter called RF tag), and carrying out scan of the RF tag with RF tag leader Thereby, if a user has the purpose books in a bookshelf, he can find it, without looking for it personally. Moreover, when it acts as the monitor with the camera, it supervises whether the books of a bookshelf were carried out and a book is carried out, a bookshelf performs scan of a bookshelf automatically and always holds the newest bookshelf information.

Moreover, in this system, a user can perform all operations on Web. This is because it thought that use of more men was attained, if there is no necessity of installing application particularly [ PDA, a cellular phone, etc. / because of the use of a system on condition of the use from a personal digital assistant ] as a user's use form.

2.1 Spider: RF Tag Reading Robot

The robot which performs RF tag reading (hereafter referred to as Spider.) referring to Fig. 1 -- LEGO -- it manufactured using a kit called Mindstorms [3] . This is that to which the controller and motor of microcomputer loading called RCX other than the parts of usual LEGO block, the gear, the touch sensor, and the light sensor were attached, and can be controlled by the program. Moreover, although software development environment was ready as standard to this kit, since complicated processing was not able to be performed, the program was created using JavaAPI for Mindstorms currently offered by various developers.

2.2 Operation of Spider

A tire is turned by the motor and a metal pipe is moved to a transverse direction. Moreover, both ends are recognized by noticing the color mark stretched to the pipe by the optical sensor. The direction of length is rolling up of nylon string, acquires number of rotations from a rotation angle sensor, and has calculated height.

The tag leader is attached at the tip of nylon string, and this can read ID (ISBN) of the book recorded by RF tag, and can know the place of a book now.

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2.3 Registration of Books Data

An author name, a publishing company name, table-of-contents information, etc. can be searched now with a books search engine on Web by registering books data into a database beforehand.

Registration of books is performed using GUI of exclusive use, and it is Xindice. [4] It is saved as XML data. Moreover, ISBN of a book is written in RF tag, and, simultaneously with registration of books, the RF tag is stuck on the back cover of a book. When a book is put on a bookshelf, it comes to be able to carry out scan now.

2.4 Books Reference, Attainment to the Books

It refers to the screen of books reference by using a title, an author name, etc. as a key. In a display of a reference result here, the button for knowing whether the book is in a bookshelf in addition to the books information registered into the database "which looks for a book" is displayed (refer to Fig. 2). If the book is in the present bookshelf when this is clicked, Spider will move automatically and it will stop in front of the purpose books. Since Spider becomes obstructive and a book cannot be taken out if it remains as it is, it is pushing the button currently attached to Spider, and Spider returns to an initial position. Now, a user can get the purpose books.

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2.5 Surveillance and Use of Bookshelf Situation

When a book is carried out from a bookshelf or it is conversely returned to a bookshelf, the state of the book which is naturally in a bookshelf will change. If it remains as it is, the situation of the present bookshelf cannot be made to reflect in Web reference result correctly.

If it acts as the monitor of the field centimeters [ several ] in front of [ which considered acting as the monitor of the 状況を of a bookshelf with a camera ] a bookshelf with a camera and the image has some change as the solution method of this problem, it is recognized that carrying-out (book is returned) operation of a book occurred, it will be automatic and re-scan of the situation of a bookshelf will be carried out.

3 Conclusion

One of the purposes of this research is enabling reference which took into consideration action of the physical side, i.e., a man, to old books reference. Although it is a system with the function until it acquires a book from reference now, it is due to enable it to carry out by BookSpider also about a loan and return of a book from now on. Moreover, if carrying out of a book can be linked with user information, interest, taste, etc. of the user can be reasoned. When the book which is likely to have a user's interest arrives newly by this, it is thought whether it is also possible to tell a user about it.

Moreover, although only one bookshelf is treated in the present system, it is due to take from now on into consideration also about guidance in the bookshelf supposing the whole building, such as a library.