A Relive Support System on Personal Intelligent Vehicles

Kazutoshi KOZAKAI
Graduate School of Information Science, Nagoya University
Katashi NAGAO
EcoTopia Science Institute, Nagoya University

1 Introduction

Recently, a lot of researches are performed for recording and sharing experiences.For instance, Living map that records life of every day by using GPS and photograph,ComicDiary that attempt the promotion of communications by presenting cartoon diary which is based on the interest and the experience.

We can acquire information on the event of inexperience by inspecting the others' experience records. However, the experience record can originally strongly depend on the real world, and maximize the effect by being related to the real world. Then, it seems that it is possible to behave more effectively by reflecting the others' experiences in real-world situation of oneself.

We are researching and developing personal intelligent vehicle AT andphysical, informational environment that surrounds it based on the concept of Mountable Computing.In this research, the experience of the individual was recorded on AT, and the system to use it significantly was constructed. In the following, we call "relive" to act by using the experience record, the processed experience record used for it call "relive content".

In this paper, we describe a series of flow from making the relive content to relivewhile enumerating the concrete example.

2 AT:Personal Intelligent Vehicle

AT(Attentive Townvehicle) is a personal intelligent vehicle that adapts to the man who is the passenger and environment that surrounds itself, and can move cooperatively by the communication between individuals.An ad hoc network is adopted in the communication on AT,and using cogma(COoperative Gadgets for Mobile Appliances) that is middleware based on the mobile agent system.As a result, AT can easily construct the environment to intercommunicate andcorrespond to a dynamic network composition.



For instance, the case of user go sightseeing, it is thought that user wants to leave on records the impression to scenery and the building, etc. as an experience element.Then, the experience record is made by relating passenger's impression to the imagethat acquired with camera installed in AT.

The impression to such an object has the possibility of changing by the environment at that time like the place and time, etc.Of course, it is thought that the received impression changes by changing the personwho experiences, too. Then, sensor information etc. are recorded at the same time, and environmental information assumed to be important for the experience is acquired. The informations include the positional information by GPS, time, the passenger's information and state of surrounding terminals and ATs acquired by using an ad hoc network.


Here, information that shop and restaurant deliver for the advertisement,described the explanation concerning the sightseeing spot as the building etc. are deliveredon an ad hoc network is asumed.This is because delivered information depends strongly at the place and time. At this time, it is thought to act based on it.

system console

Fugure1: system console

In figure 1, environmental terminals and other ATs are displayed in the console, and acquired information can be inspected by selecting it from the menu. For information from environmental terminals, we can acquire the detail by the interaction with them. User inspects these information, and decides the destination as an experience element.

When the action ends, user notifies the end of recording from the console (left), and evaluates the experience. As a result, user's opinion can be added to the experience record. We assume that the delivery origin defines the evaluation items. For instance, if it is a restaurant, "Taste", "Price", and "Other comments", etc. are thought.


4.1 relive content

The experience in the real world, the result of it is changeable because it depends on the real-world situation and man who experiences.When reliving it, not the same result but the same situation becomes important.

For instance, When reliving in the "night" using experience record depend on the time "morning" it is not possible to relate it to the real world for time. As previously mentioned, the experience record cannot demonstrate the effect becauseit can by being related to the real world.

Then, the reliving contents are made by setting the condition for an effective reliving orthe dependence to the real-world situation against the experience record.These conditions are selected from environmental information as the positional informationdescribed in the experience record and information or passenger information, etc. on time. The relation of the experience record to the real world becomes possible by using these informations.


As shown in figure2 , user inspects relive content by selecting it from the menu of the console (on the left).Because the positional information of the destination or when the experience record was madeis recorded in the relive content, and the object is displayed based on this. Moreover, information given by the passenger and information acquired from the terminal as a destination are displayed at the same time. In Figure 2, the reliving contents which has the destination are displayed, and the image and the comment are displayed.

inspection mode

Fugure2: inspection mode

Thus, we can inspect the relive content before relive and judge whether to do it.


Because man's behavior is done in the real world, it is difficult to sayonly to inspect the experience record as reliving.Then, it is necessary to support an actual action, and to relate the experience record to the real world. Concretely, the distance and the direction to the destination that should move based on the positional information of the object described in the relive content is presented. At this time, AT measures timing of display to user, and compares it with the relive content while acquiring environmental information on the real world.

When agreeing with the condition of presenting it,if necessary,physical state like the direction of AT or its camera etc.is reprodused.Afterwards, the experience record is presented. As a result, it becomes possible to relive that reflects a past(or other's) situation

5 Summary and Future Work

In this research, we constructed the relive support system that record the action executed on personal intelligent vehicle AT,and supported man's experience by using it.

As the future work, it is enumerated to edit and integrate relive contents.The relive content that considered a series of flow can be made by combining two or more relive contents. In addition, a more effective reliving becomes possible because you can choose the parts you want to experience by customizing it according to the individual.

In the future, we wil consider the method for sharing of experience record, supported the community activity, and practicable services.