An Implementation of Human Tracer on Personal Intelligent Vehicles

Dept. of Information Engineering, School of Engineering, Nagoya University
Katashi NAGAO
EcoTopia Science Institute, Nagoya University

1 Introduction

We expected that the ubiquitous network society where information terminals always existnear users will be achieved in the near future. Based on the concept that users get into movable information terminals, not carries about information terminals, we are developingthe personal intelligent vehicle that is called AT(Attentive Townvehicle).The question we have to ask here is that users not always take an AT. The purpose of thisstudy is to realize the environment where users can access to valuable information anytime.So we are developing the system that can follow a walking user. In this system named''Human Tracer'', following a user is achieved with the Infrared tag and the PSD-IR array.The assistant agent system in a factory is enumerated as an example of applying this system.

2 AT: Personal Intelligent Vehicle

We are developing a personal intelligent vehicle named AT(Attentive Townvehicle) that adjusts to users andthe environment ,and acts harmoniously with other ATs by vehicle-to-vehicle communication. The purpose of developmentof AT is to actualize the living tool for barrier free society and the base of telecommunication processing withthe environment or other ATs. Besides this study, we are studying the presentation real world oriented information and development of a relive support system.

3 Human Tracer System

3.1 Infrared Tag

3.2 PSD-IR Array

PSD-IR Array

Fugure1: PSD-IR Array

3.3 Estimation of User's Position

3.4 Algorithm of User's Trajectory Tracing


3.5 Availment by a Plurality of Users

4 Conclusion