Ubiquitous Talker: Spoken Language Interaction with Real World Objects

Katashi NAGAO
名古屋大学 大学院 情報科学研究科


Augmented reality is a research area that tries to embody an electronicinformation space within the real world, through computational devices. Acrucial issue within this area, is the recognition of real world objectsor situations. In natural language processing, it is much easier todetermine interpretations of utterances, even if they are ill-formed, whenthe context or situation is fixed. We therefore introduce robust naturallanguage processing into a system of augmented reality with situationawareness. Based on this idea, we have developed a portable system,called the Ubiquitous Talker. This consists of an LCD display that reflects the scene at which a user is looking as if it is a transparent glass, a CCD camera for recognizing real world objects with color-bar ID codes, a microphone for recognizing a human voice and a speaker which outputs a synthesized voice. The Ubiquitous Talker provides its user with some information related to a recognized object, by using the display and voice. It also accepts requests or questions as voice inputs. The userfeels as if he/she is talking with the object itself through the system.