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Born in 19th January, 1962. Japanese national. I was living in Sapporo until my graduation of junior high school. After that, I lived in Tsukuba, Tokyo, Kawasaki, Yokohama, and Sagamihara. My current address is Higashi-ku, Nagoya. I was a ski jump player in my university days. My current hobby is not sports but researches on new technology such as information and communication technologies. I think that research is my vocation in life since I am very interested in creating something new. I did lots of work at industorial research laboratories and found limitation of my job in industory. Therefore, I decided to start research at academia and came this university. My research interests include digital content technology such as authoring, retrieval, transformation, and the distribution of digital content and intelligent agent technology including natural language understanding and generation, multimodal interaction, and the learning and adaptation of agents and robots. My main research goal is to create an infrastructure of human knowledge sharing and reuse. Recently, I have a strong interest in the integration of physical and informational environments, considering barrier-free and safety, based on personal intelligent vehicles and the infrastructures around them. On the other hand, today's students in universities look inactive and very shy. They seem to be concerned only about their small world including their family and friends. They does not seem to want to communicate with people who are not familiar to them and to think about their purposes in the university and their future jobs that match their genuine interests. This situation may be caused by their selfish family, their biased society, their received education, or all of them. Anyway, I was shocked very much by their unlively attitude in class. The reason why I became a teacher is that I am motivated to educate my students to be more intersted in studies at university and more creative in academic world. My objectives include to let my students have strong will to achieve their goals, creativity and power of deep thought to get original ideas and realize them, precise insight to discover essences, social and communicative ability to collaborate with unfamiliar people, intestinal fortitude to overcome difficulties, pride not to be subservient, humility to correctly evaluate capabilities of themselves, or more important one, mental toughness to behave nobly in many absurd situations.


Educational Background

  • 1981~1985 Undergraduate at Dept. of Industrial Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • 1985~1987 Master Course at Graduate School of Advanced Science and Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • 1994~  Ph.D. in Computer Science at Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • 1996~1997 Visiting Scientist at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

Bussiness Career

  • 1987~1991 Researcher at IBM Research, Tokyo Research Laboratory
  • 1991~1999  Researcher at Sony Computer Science Laboratories
  • 1999~2001 Senior Researcher at IBM Research, Tokyo Research Laboratory
  • 2001~2002 Associate Professor at Dept. of Information Engineering, Nagoya University
  • 2002~2009  Professor at Center for Information Media Studies, Nagoya University
  • 2009~ Professor at Department of Media Science, Graduate School of Information Science, Nagoya University